Welcome to Introduction to Psychology!

Why are people the way that they are? Why do they do the things that they do? How are the mind, brain, and behavior in humans interrelated? What can psychological science tell me about the world around me? And how can I use it to make the world a better place? If these are pressing questions for you, the Introduction to Psychology course will be very fascinating for you to take. Over the course of the semester, you’ll grapple with these questions, and learn how to think like budding scientists—a skill that will benefit you through college and beyond, regardless of your major or ultimate career path.

This course introduces students to the scientific study of mental processes and human behavior and provides a foundation in the principles, methods, and theories of psychology. Students will study psychology’s major areas of inquiry, including the history of psychological science, sensory and perceptual processes, learning and cognition, motivation and emotion, human development, social influences, as well as psychological disorders and treatment.

ELO Designation: Research/Field Study

This course includes an Experiential Learning Opportunity (ELO) with the goal of a more transformational and engaged learning experience. ELOs value personal connection to deep applied learning, reflection, and analysis. ELOs help build core skills for long-term academic and career success. Consider adding your successfully completed ELO experience to your resume and connecting with The Center for Career Preparation & Partnerships (CCPP) for further ELO planning to support your personal and professional goals.